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Economic/Ecological Contribution Of Cattle In India

  • Cow dung saves nation 68.6 million tonnes of fuel wood, in other words 140 million trees of 25 years or more
  • Contribution of one tree of 50 years is 15,70,000 rupees p.a.

    Uses of Cow Dung/Urine
  • Cow dung as described in our Scriptures. This is definite indication of prosperity evident from Gobar-dhan Puja, next day of Deepawali
  • No other excreta/ urine have been used right from purification to medicinal uses
  • Thin coating of dung for cooking place, Havan Kund, Havan Platform, Mud house , floors , walls provided anticidal surface
  • Dung as fuel is known for rural kitchen
  • Dung saves 35 million tonnes of Coal, 68 million tonnes of fuel wood. In other words nearly 140 million trees of 20-25 years old would be required to be felled each year otherwise."
  • Dung for Bio-gas cum slurry for manure is providing renewable cooking energy and slurry for compost
  • Biogas is used also for lighting in homes and streets. It can be used for driving self combustion engines for various uses.
  • Dung for Homa Farming
  • Dung as Catalyst (James F. Martin) of USA made a liquid catalyst from Milking Cow Dung, Sea Water and Yeast. It is claimed that it is capable of greening degraded land.
  • A bacterial solution base of Dung, when sprayed on Municipal waste, dump within a few hours becomes free from all foul odors and even flies are not attracted
  • Nadep Compost
  • Improving degraded soil. The soil is enriched and later on no addition of manure or fertiliser is required , except using weeds/grasses as mulch. In due course Earth worms generate and keep on working all through
  • Liquid Manure
  • Dung for Pest control. Dung ash also helps in controlling pests and is a very good cleaning agent for utensils.
  • Urine Panchgavya (MPG-3)
  • Urine – Biopesticides

  • Improves soil structure, health, productivity which has been degrading
  • Improve moisture retention capacity of soil and check soil erosion
  • Converting menace of weed into productive virtous material for soil improvement and avoid use of weedicides
  • Provide food and fodder free from pesticides and other chemical residues
  • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy inputs
  • Let up all homes at no recurring costs.
  • Improve financial condition of farmer and landless labour

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