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Jainism is nature in the purest and truest form. Jainism is as old as nature, which has neither beginning nor any end. The mission of Jainism is the mission of nature, which is to work for the welfare of one and all, to rise from the pitfall of ignorance and inaction to the spiritual climax of infinite bliss and perfect knowledge. i.e. absolute freedom.

Jainism is a religion based on cosmic principles, eternal principles on which this colossal machinery runs without any mistake or even a single momentary halt.

Indian Month
Gregorian Months
Jain Festival


Ayambil Oli Begins (March 28, 2004)
Lord Mahavira's Birth (April 3)
Ayambil Oli Ends (April 6, 2004)

Akshaya Tritiya (April 22, 2004)
Varshitapa ends (April 22, 2004)


Choumasi Choudash (1 July, 2004)
Pajushan (September 11, 2004)

Ayambil Oli (October 20, 2004)
Mahavir Nirval (November 12, 2004)
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